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Lekhnath Poudel's great poem - Kal mahima

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 Lekha Nath Poudyal

From Progress

When a million died
In Atomic conflagration
In Nagasaki Hiroshima
The naked progress danced
In every house in America

Look at the great China ruler
One of the big five powers
Chyang's progress reached
To Formosa across the ocean

The brave German people
Following the footsteps of Hitler
Sought to take a very high leap
But badly fell on earth, such was the progress

All those Japanese so very industrious
Chose the bad Tojo as their minister
And plunged themselves into trouble
Down went their progress, which they well knew

Say Stalin and Molotov--
Dip in communism the entire globe
No doubt should remain in anybody's mind
That it ensures the progress of time

Helpless Norway, Italy, Turkey
Shivering, tossing and turning
Look at America with fear
But say we are progressing here .......

Breaking the shackles of dictatorship
That tied our necks for a hundred years
The Nepalese overcame shyness
We have to see now how they progress.

Translated by : Abhi Subedi


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