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becareful before visiting this site..

And this is mine. I tried it from 2 different private wifi and its all blocked in US. I hope chatSansar is doing the right thing. My current ISP
(different; public WiFi) completely blocked you and they have tools to do so because it is public WiFi and filter through some real hardcore shit
Chat is back up. join garda huncha. users haru ajkal coming from all around the world.

Direct link:
becareful before visiting this site..
Mero ahiley latest tools

Chrome Extention: Desktop bata instagram photo/video/stories download ko lagi extention:

Chrome Extention: Video downloader (dherai website support garcha youtube bahek):

Website: Youtube ko lagi(chrome ley youtube download extention support gardaina). Clipconverter ko server fast cha tara copyright music bhako video support gardaina. 4k support garcha:

Website: Alternate back up to download any video:

Website: Facebook Video ko lagi:
Celebrity profile / Re: Keki Adhikari - Actress/Model
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worldcup  ::) ???
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