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I noticed that members on this forum have deep interest in kala, sahitya and itihas  ;)

So, please enlighten us:
   What is the origin of the word "Bhalu"?
   Since when has it been in use?
   When did it first appear in Nepali literature?
Thank you, Queenbee. Good stuff. You have an artistic bent  ;)

We're patiently waiting for the Diwali installment.

Is it just me? But I find the photo crass, its lacking in good taste.

The photographer (or set director) deserves a bitch slap for sure. Someone please do the honor  ;D

Afsana Thapa is nice but too demure. It almost seems she has blue eyes but I know she doesn't

She has bolts-on for sure! I'm speaking from experience, guys - those are implants 100%  ;)


Beautiful subjects and outstanding palette colors.
Happy Diwali.

Thank you, Tundikhel
नेताका छोरा छोरी र .... जनताका छोरा छोरी .....

I didn't get this. Kun neta ko xori ni? Is that Baburam's xori? Cute. She would look cuter with longer hair  :-*

hmm, I didn't know education was a priority for Maoist. Oh, I forgot - its only for their kind (afno manxe).  I thought Maoist liked intellectuals till they got to  power - but after that it was chop chop like during the Cultural revolution or Kampuchean revolution aka Khmer Rouge style.  ;)

Down with Capitalist roaders and running dogs  ;) ;)
sad ....

Very sad, indeed. Un-acceptable!

There was a comment towards the end that such attacks will repeat because of how readily acid is available. C'mon guys - it is NOT because acid is readily available, but because perpetrators act with such impunity. So much in-justice. I would go to hell to bring them to justice. Such mindless acts of terror should be singled out to set example so they don't happen again.

Did you all notice? Its Ason Tole - so few people on the street! I hope those glorious days will return. i.e. not just over-ground (legal) ganja but fewer people on the street. Ignorance is bliss  ;D

When will netas change rajdhani from KTM to some other city? That should calm things a bit. Some place in tarai region would be best since that is where all political actions seems to be.
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