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Title: Zhigrana (झिग्राना) Movie Review
Post by: anand on March 14, 2015, 11:58:54 PM
Zhigrana Movie Review

The movie was released on March 6, 2015 -->

Starring --> Hanna Geschewski, Menuka Pradhan, Nikun Shrestha, Shanti Giri, Jyoti Karki, Arun Regmi, Deewakar Piya, Bina Pandey
Director --> Pasang Lama

Recommendation --> A good suspense/thriller movie with amusement. If you love suspense movies -- don't miss it!

The name is so bad ... but the film is not that bad!!

- Zhigrana is made on the journey of Christine with her crew to Ruku
- The mysterious place called Zhigrana

- marvelous scenic beauty of Rukum.
- myths and mysterious stories.
- frightening story of Kaal Panchami -- and about sacrificing humans to gain power.

- fresh and original.
- Shows ‘Jhakri’ in action.
- The first half is a little dull with
- a good grip as the second half -- thrilling afterwards.
- Great finishing

-Very well directed movie.
- Great cinematography
- Good music
- Well prepared dialogues
- amazing performance of every actor.
- It sounds sweet when Hanna Geschewski speaks Nepali