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Title: Miss Nepal 2008 Contestents
Post by: xsajha on August 11, 2008, 12:23:18 AM
Among uncertainty of being held Nepali Beauties are preparing for Miss Nepal 2008 (,5610.0.html)

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बायाँबाट क्रमशः नमुना केसी, सुनिता घिमिरे, जेनिशा मोक्तान, आकृति श्रेष्ठ, एलिजा गिरी, साहना बज्राचार्य, मिआसा श्रेष्ठ, देवकी अधिकारी, ईशा खड्गी, स्मृति वैद्य, प्रिया अधिकारी, शुभम् अमात्य, उषा रजक, गीता न्यौपाने, ऋचा थापा मगर, पद्मिनी झा, निशा अधिकारी, सुनैमी लिम्बू, प्रज्ञा पोखरेल र प्रनयना केसी।

Miss Nepal 2008 Contestant's
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Miss Nepal 2008 Participants
Name               Priyanka Adhikari
Address            Kathmandu
Age                  22 years
Height               5'4"
Education         Undergraduate   

Priya Adhikari is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and would like to start an organizatio related to Sustainable Development. A cheerful person with
positive attitude towards life, Priya says her achievements in life are happiness, satisfaction and trust from others as well as self-confidence. Currently, Priya is working as Flight Attendant. Winning Miss Nepal 2008 is possibly her greatest dream and
fulfillment in life, the realization of which, she believes, will open up new doors of opportunities to work for the society and nation. 
Name                 Miasa Shrestha
Address              Kathmandu
Age                    19 years
Height                 5'5"
Education           A-Level
Miasa Shrestha is a person who loves adventure. Sky-diving is one thing she would like to do before she dies and Aernautical Engineer is what she aspires to become. Miasa is fluent in three languages namely, Nepali, English and Japanese and playing  the piano  and swimming are her favourite hobbies.  Life to Miasa
is full of challenges that she believes will take extra work and hardship on an individual's part to overcome challenges. It is her determination and commitment that she banks are her solid features that she will use to win Miss Nepal 2008.   
Name                       Isha Khadki
Address                   Birgunj, Parsa
Age                          22 years
Height                      5'4"
Education                BBS

Isha Khadgi likes listening to music and dancing and her ambition is to be a successful woman. A graduate in business studies, she has been working as a banker with the Himalayan Bank (Birgunj) for the last two years. Among the three sisters in her family, she is the youngest and the most determined in her work. Whichever field she chooses to be in future, her ultimate goal is to achieve success.   By winning the title of Miss Nepal 2008, she definitely wants to contribute a lot to the society.
Name                      Sunaimi Limbu
Address                   Dharan, Sunsari
Age                          21 years
Height                      5'6"
Education                Bachelor of Business

Originally from Sunsari district, Sunaimi Limbu holds dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant. Sunaimi has tried her hands in modelling and glamour by appearing on Javed Habib's Fashion show and playing in one of the popular music videos that featured rapper Nirnay, singers Preety Kaur and Kusang, A stint at Link
Tree as Customer Service Representative/Telemarketer helped
her develop her PR and so was the experience of working as Teacher in a Day Care center. Sunaimi loves and adores children and feels that they require equal love and care from their teachers as much as they get from their parents.
At present, Sunaimi is planing to pursuer her MBA.
Name                             Shubham Amatya
Address                         Lalitpur
Age                               20 years
Height                            5'5"
Education                      Undergraduate (Socail work; St. Xavier's

Shubham likes to call herself a social person and has already set a goal of becoming an efficient Social Worker. In fact, she is now pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Social from St. Xavier's College. Born to an educated family, Shubham knew early on to work hard
and strive for the best. Her philosophy in life is as simple as 'to aim for the stars so that even if we fall, we land safely on the moon'. It was her mother's love and audacious nature that helped her to be a stronger human being.
Should she win the title of Miss Nepal, Shubham likes to use every opportunity for the betterment of the vulnerable, impaired and socially excluded group of people.
Name                      Geeta Neupane
Address                  Sindhupalchow
Age                          23 years
Height                      5'5"
Education                Masters (Undergoing)   

Geeta Neupane has done her Masters in Communication and Journalism and aims to become a professional Media Analyst. After working as News Reader and Reporter for Avenues TV for over a year ,she is now serving as Executive International Relation officer with Code International Pvt. Ltd. In the meantime
Geeta is also a News Reader on 97.2 FM. Further, she works as Secretary for non-governmental organization called 'Prativa Nepal', which looks after orphans and destitues. Geeta remains determined to win the Miss Nepal 2008.
Name                          Namuna KC
Address                      Pokhara, Kaski
Age                             23 years
Height                         5'8"
Education                   BBA (Undergoing)   

Singing, travelling, and writing poems are her talents and winning the Noble prize her only ambition. Namuna who is purusing her Bachelor in Business Administration in Kathmandu, receives her greatest source of inspiration from her well-educated family members. Being an upright citizen, Namuna would like to fulfill her responsibility towards the country by taking part in economic development. She considers herself an achiever learning through
mistakes and experience and wholeheartedly puts her efforts in making dreams come true.
Name                            Devaki Adhikari
Address                        Thori, Parsa
Age                                21 years
Height                            5'5"
Education                      Undergraduate Student   

Getting success in whatever career she pursues is Devaki Adhikari's ambition in life. A dancing fanatic, Devaki also likes singing and lisenting to music. Devaki revels and respects the strong family she has, whose love and support has been a continued spring of inspiration for her achievements in life. Although modelling field is totally new for her, Devaki is planning to make a career in it; and she believes Miss Nepal 2008 is the right platform to start with. Moreover, she holds a high regard for modelling profession and is determined to change the negative perception people hold about it.
Name                            Nisha Adhikari
Address                        Kathmandu
Age                               21 years
Height                            5'4.5"
Education                      A-level   

Nisha Adhikari has already won the title of Miss International Nepal 2005 and subsequently represented Nepal in Japan. For the last two and a half years, Nisha has been working as a Media personnel and she recently went to Pakistan to record two programme serials in the Urdu language. Nisha loves to socialize with people and her major areas of interests in life are Filmmaking, International Relations and Social Work. A keen social mobilizer,Nisha is also a member of Rotary Club of Nagarjun where she worked as Director of youth service for one full year. Nisha wishes to focus on women empowerment and upliftment in her future work.
Name                          Pranayna KC
Address                      Lalitpur
Age                             19 years
Height                          5'7.5"
Education                    Undergraduation   

Success is the ultimate theme of Pranayna KC's life, who tends to believe that there is something good in everything. Her greatest achievements include winning an All-rounder certificate and getting selected for the State Basketball Team in India during her high school years. Pranayna is a person who takes one day at a time and seeks to get oustanding results in whatever she does. Her one-year stay abroad has enabled her to meet people from all over the world while at the same time realizing that her identity will always remain attached to Nepal. She consdiers Miss Nepal a pefect platfrom to particpate and establish that identity.
Name                        Akriti Shrestha
Address                     Kathmandu
Age                            20 years
Height                         5'4.5"
Education                   Bachelors in Commerce   

Akriti Shrestha was born and educated in the rich values, culture and tradition of her family. Having already completed her Bachelor's degree in commerce from India, Akriti is already on her path to become a successful business entrepreneur and thereby contribute to the country's economic development. Akriti took the First Runner Up position in Wave and Miss University 2007 and hopes to win this year's Miss Nepal Title. Through this pageant, she wishes to 'spread awareness about different social issues and help the needy and disabled as well as relocate all the stray dogs into a better shelter.'
Name                                      Usha Rajak
Address                                  Lalitpur
Age                                         22 years
Height                                     5'4"
Education                               Graduate   

An Actor as well as a student, Usha would like to present herself as a strong candidate for Miss Nepal 2008. Usha has already been awarded the 'Most Promising Model of the Year' by Suryakala Group in 2005, Best Actress title in a Theater performance along with Best National Costume. She has also participated in World Miss University 2006 held in South Korea. One of the Board Toppers in her faculty during her 10+2 exams, Usha's modelling experience include getting featured on the coverpage of international 'Lifestyle' (July 2005 issue) magazine and walking on ramp for such brands as Jawed Habib and Lakme.She wishes to contribute her skill and experience for the betterment of the society.
Name                            Padmini Jha
Address                        Saptari
Age                               22 years
Height                           5'4.5"
Education                     Bachelor in Arts   

PadminiJha possesses a strong Maithili background and countsdancing, singing, acting, reading and writing poems as her talents. Padmini has been feliciated with Best Student of the Year Award title by Campion College. Having completed schooling from Rajbiraj, Padmini holds an ambition in her life to become a successul person and fully engage in social work related activities. She would also like to participate in national development programs and would like to Nepal to become the  most  developed country in the world.               
Name                       Pragya Pokharel
Address                   Bhaktapur
Age                           22 years
Height                       5'6"
Education                 Undergraduate   

To make positive difference in society' is the sole ambition of Pragya Pokharel. Among a number of achievements, working as RJ on Online Radio and doing add commercials for Citizen Bank and Vaseline, are some of Pragya’s biggest ones . Pragya believes that if there are to be any change in a society, it should be for the greater good of humanity. An independent woman by nature, modelling is not a new sector for Pragya. Her other areas of interests include social work. She says participating in a Tiger Workshop recently offered her knowledge about the importance of saving rare species of flora and fauna.
Name                          Zenisha Moktan
Address                       kathmandu
Age                             19 years
Height                          5'6"
Education                    Undergraduate   

Having already won Miss Tamang 2006 title, Zenisha has a rich experience of modelling and public relations.She loves adventure sports, reading and participating in elocution and debates.Zenisha's aim in life is to become an economist as well as a banker, perhaps following in her mother's footsteps who is a bank investor. Currently Zenisha is working as Vice President of Nepal Tamang Women's Association. She likes to call herself a woman with firm determination, and strongly upholds the belief that success would only come to the deserved ones.
Name                              Sunita Ghimire
Address                          Dharan, Sunsari
Age                                 23 years
Height                              5'5"
Education                        Undergraduate   

Sunita Ghimire is currently purusing her undegraduate studies in Humanities and regards writing and reading as her talent zones. She holds her interests in social welfare activities and aims to become a good social worker later in her life. One of her aim is to produce programs in Radio so that she can reach out to a large number of public and effectively convey messages that will subsequently help in the societal progress and development. By winning the Miss Nepal 2008 title, Sunita would like to use the platform to fulfill her dreams of working for the society.
Name                              Smriti Vaidya
Address                           Lalitpur
Age                                 24years
Height                              5'4"
Education                        Graduate (Mass Communication Major         
                                       and Business Management)   

A graduate from Webster University, Thailand, Smriti aspires to become a successful PR Executive and Event Manager in future. Having already won the title of 'Miss Best Smile' during 'Miss Teen Nepal' in 2002, Smriti is a master in five different languages  including Nepali, English, Newari, Hindi and Thai and counts composing poems, writing short stories and traveling as her major hobbies. 'There are no problems in life bigger than our abilities to solve them,' opines Smriti who bags honesty,  determination, discipline and optimism as her treasures. Smriti looks forward to win the title of Miss Nepal 2008 and contribute to the good of society.
Name                              Sahana Bajracharya
Address                          Kathmandu
Age                                 19 years
Height                              5'5.5"
Education                        Intermediate   

A photographer and travel enthusiast by inclination, Sahana Bajracharya wants to lead a career in investigative journalism. Sahana has coordinated and conducted several youth forum programs including generating awareness abouth HIV/AIDS with such organizations as FHI and UNFPA. According to Sahana, her involvement in youth related issues that ranged from drug abuse to peer pressure has made her realize that each member of the society is responsible for these problems, directly or indirectly. Sahana seems resolute on the course of her future roles as she intends to carry out awareness activities especially for the welfare children and women..
Name                               Richa Thapa
Address                           Kathmandu                                                       
Age                                 22 years                   
Height                              5'4"
Education                        Bachelor in Business Administration   

Richa Thapa dreams to be a successful Social entrepreneur. Richa possesses extraordinary ahchievements, from wining numerous dance and drama competitions to getting involved in many college events, community activities and volunteer jobs. She has worked with Maiti Nepal, SAATHI and CWIN-Balika Center in the capacity of social worker where she focused on lives of children and sexually exploited and trafficked women. It was in 2003 that she was awarded with Miss Personality and Miss Culture in Miss Teen Nepal 2003. She was also the host for Miss Teen Nepal 2005 and has been feliciated with Most Outsanding Student 2007 Award by VOW . She hopes to open up a theatre and performing arts school to ehnace the quality of entertainment.
Richa Thapa dreams to be a successful Social entrepreneur. Richa possesses extraordinary ahchievements, from wining numerous dance and drama competitions to getting involved in many college events, community activities and volunteer jobs. She has worked with Maiti Nepal, SAATHI and CWIN-Balika Center in the capacity of social worker where she focused on lives of children and sexually exploited and trafficked women. It was in 2003 that she was awarded with Miss Personality and Miss Culture in Miss Teen Nepal 2003. She was also the host for Miss Teen Nepal 2005 and has been feliciated with Most Outsanding Student 2007 Award by VOW . She hopes to open up a theatre and performing arts school to ehnace the quality of entertainment.
Name                               Aliza Giri
Address                           Kathmandu
Age                                  19 years
Height                               5'4.5"       
Education                         Intermediate (Management)   

Aliza Giri, a newsreader by profession, hails from Nepalgunj in Banke district. Aliza recalls one of her interesting moments in life was her trip to Solukhumbu where she observed the hardships people face in their daily lives. No wonder then she has involved herself in one or another activity at an early age of 15. As of now, Aliza is working as newsreader and reporter in Sagarmatha Television. Born and raised by a single parent- her mother- Aliza grew up in a struggling environment which has made her determined about her future. She holds for the aim of becoming the strongest woman in her chosen field.
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More of Smriti
( (

( (
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More of Richa

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( (

( (

( (

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ramra rahechan moriz
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Contestants of Miss Nepal 2008 playing with orphans during a visit to Balmandir, as part of training session, in Kathmandu.

(photo not so good)

( (

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Zenisha Moktan - Miss Tamang

Contesting for Miss Nepal 2008

Name : Zenisha Moktan
Birth Place: Kathmandu
Star Sign : Gemini


Height : 5 Feet 6 Inchs
Weight : 54 KG
Chest : 33 Inches
Waist : 25 Inches
Hips : 38 Inches
Skin Color: Wheatish
Eye Color : Black
Hair Color: Black
Modeling Started in: 2005
Your Occupation: Student
Contests/Pageants Participated: Miss Tamang
Titles won in Contests/Pageants: Miss Tamang


Hobbies and Interests:
Swimming, Horse Riding, Scuba Diving, Playing Volleyball and Lawn Tennis.

Favourite Movies:
Tum Tum, Tarry Potter, Walk to Remember, Lord of the Rings, hera pheri and more....

Favourite Music Artists:
Nepsydaz, Shakira, J.lo,...

Favourite Foods:
Burgers, Pizza's and everything italian!!

Favourite Pastime:
Day dreaming, Shopping and Dancings to da beats of hip hop music!!!

Wackiest thing you have ever done:
Kicked an auto driver while riding a bike and ran away as fast as the wind!!!

What attracts you to the opposite sex:
Intelligence, Sense of humour, Attitude towards women, Gud appearance and dress up!

On blind date you would go out with:
Prince williams of wales!!

Qualities that you look in your life partner:
Gud family background and character,patient, understanding and somebody who respects my family suits me!!!

Favourite outfit:
Anything denim!!!

Best compliment you have received:
I've often heard people saying "there are no words gud enough to describe zenisha" so maybe i cant write the best comlpliment i have recieved in WORDS!!

Your aim in life:
Become an economist...join politics and do wonders in nepal..for the people...for the country!!!

Anything that you want to tell about yourself:
I'm confident in everything i do,i respect everybody's opinion before my own view and I'm friendly and can make any environment comfortable!!

Do you use the net?
If yes, how often do you use and for what purposes.

Your favourite websites:
Spend a minimum of 2 hours daily chatiing, checking out new sites and searching for prank games to play on innocent people!!!

( (
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Another Contestant Geeta Neupane @ Miss University

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( (

Photo : Siddharth Lama

Usha Rajak

Twenty-two year old Miss World University Nepal 2006 Usha Rajak is an actress, model and an aspiring Miss Nepal 2008. She feels that winning the crown is the ultimate dream of any girl in the glamour field and admits to have been grooming herself for a very long time. We wish her all the best.

( (

( (

source- nepalisite

( (

( (
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Nisha Adhikary

Was Miss International 2005.

Nisha is one established model featured in dozens of videos, she will also be starring in an upcoming Nepali action flick Mission Paisa.

( (

( (

Some videos in which you can catch Nisha are:

Aaudai chu - Ashish Bangdel
Kata hideko - Aava Mukarung
Sannani - Sudip Giri
Chaitako huri - Jagdish Samal & Pratima Rajbhandari
Bholi malai k hi bhaye - Karna Das
Samjhi rahanchu - Sishir Bangdel
Purbai jane rail - Antim Rai & Avinash Ghising
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Hope Prachanda will allow the event to happen

( (    
नेपाल सुन्दरी प्रतियोगिताको आयोजक संस्था 'द हिडन ट्रेजर प्राली' कोतर्फबाट भदौ २ गते नवनिर्वाचित प्रधानमन्त्री पुष्पकमल दाहाल प्रचण्डलाई निवास नयाँ बजारमा भेट्दै । उनीहरुले नेपाल सुन्दरी प्रतियोगिताका लागि सुरक्षा प्रदान गरिदिन प्रधानमन्त्रीसँग अनुरोध गरेका छन् ।

फोटोग्राफर: मीन रत्न बज्राचार्य
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Attire depends on dress code
Q: How do you feel about the last-minute postponement of Miss Nepal 2008?

Nisha Adhikari: First of all, we were informed two weeks prior to the postponement, so we were prepared for it. The delay in a way has been good for us as we had very little time to prepare. In the previous contest, participants were given three months of rigorous training while this time we had only a month-long training period.
Q: Who is responsible for the postponement of the show?

Nisha: The present dispute is mainly due to a misunderstanding between the sponsors and the organizers. Of course, the Maoists are protesting and the government is doing nothing about it. But it is the sponsors' demand for more time that is delaying it.
Q: Is it a coincidence that both ultra-rightist and leftist forces are protesting against the beauty pageant?

Nisha: It could be a coincidence. The Maoists seem to be hijacking the agenda of the Hindu fanatics to draw the attention of the people and claim that they too oppose such events. They condemn nudity when our religion itself reveres it. Why is the body of gods and goddesses specially structured to fit the 32-26-34 model? Just to recall, in the Mahabharata, Ganga is always shown half-naked. Neither the Maoists nor the sadhus can say anything to that. They have no actual motive. They just do not want to let Miss Nepal happen.
Q: So Miss Nepal has been wrongly called a display of nudity?

Nisha: No, it is not nudity. I remember having an interaction program earlier and we discussed nudity. What I told them was that women had to wear different dresses depending upon the dress code. In a swimming pool, you have to wear a swimming costume. Similarly, in a beauty pageant, you have to wear a gown. The Maoists should refrain from senseless ranting and use their common sense when they talk of nudity in beauty pageants. If they really see "nudity", they should come up with nude pictures from earlier shows that have been telecast live.
Q: Don't you think beauty pageants have been unnecessarily politicized?

Nisha: Right now, yes. The Maoists are merely trying to dictate to us. But we do not believe in Maoist ideology. Nepal is already a federal republican country, and no one has the right to impose Maoist ideals on us.
Q: Have you been personally threatened for participating in the show?

Nisha: No, not yet.
Q: Don't you think your rights have been trampled upon?

Nisha: Yes, we have a right to participate, and we are not going to give in to Maoist demands. We are all mature individuals.  The Maoists must stop infringing on our fundamental rights.
Q: Some people say beauty contests are of no use in an underdeveloped country like Nepal.

Nisha: I think they are more important for underdeveloped countries. Nepal seldom gets noticed in the international area. But if a Nepali beauty queen is given the chance to represent her country at an international beauty contest, it will be known all over the world. So beauty contests must be analyzed in a global context and not through narrow vision.
Q: Do you think the Maoists are trying to impose Taliban-type rule in a federal democratic state?

Nisha: Exactly. It seems they are heading towards something similar. But they must understand that this is a democratic country. If the Maoists go on imposing a ban on such things, women will get nowhere. It is pathetic that the Maoists are least bothered about Nepali swimmers and runners in the Beijing Olympics, but they won't tolerate anything when it comes to Miss Nepal.

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