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Nepal , International University and Accreditation
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:38:19 PM »
I'm on xNepali after a long time. I'm starting this tread for discussion purpose and couldn't find any other suitable place to do so.  It is about College of Nepal and it's affiliation with international university.

I was searching for a good college for graduation; the colleges that comes first are the colleges that are well marketed. First I listed out some colleges with affiliation to TU,PU,Pokhara University and then I searched for colleges that has affiliation with "international" universities.
Kings College came to my mind as they are well marketed. It had affiliation with International American University(IAU) and another college that has affiliation with IAU is Presidential College. It wasn't the college that bugged me, it was "IAU". I searched about IAU and found that IAU had no "accreditation". Without accreditation the degree is just a paper, since it isn't accepted. Since it has no accreditation, i see no possibilities of credit transfer. And the degree doesn't have full validity in US itself and cannot be used to apply for government job and private companies recognizing non-accredited degree is partial.

Since it has no accreditation, it isn't TU equivalent in Nepal. I had a thought of joining this college (cause it had good marketing and it seemed everything fine according to what they have written) but I'm not sure what to do next after finding about accreditation.  So what are you thought about this ? And how much private companies value degree from non-accredited university in Nepal ? (I don't think it is recognized by government institutions)

P.S sorry if posted in wrong board.