Author Topic: Hostel Return -होस्टल रिटर्नस् (August 21 release)  (Read 5096 times)

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Hostel Return -होस्टल रिटर्नस्
अघिल्लो हप्ता रिलिज भएको थियो

Overall, entertaining movie.

"Hostel" was a story of students in a hostel in a Medical college
"Hostel Returns"  Engineering students staying at hostel.

Four boys: Pratap (Sushil Shrestha) is a son of a rich father
A talented guy Rameshwor Yadav (Nazir Hussain) is from Terai
Kumaar (Abhaya Baral) is careless guy
Sameer (Sushil Sitaula) is from far-western Nepal.

Actress Sashi Shrestha is featured in a glamorous role
Actress Swastima Khadka is a cute girl in college.

- Average script
- Average direction
- Weak plot

- engaging and entertaining - Nazir Hussain is very funny.
- Music is nice.

- Unnatural show of the muscular body of Sushil.
- the climax is same .. as expected