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Useful Software tools for our members (photos and videos tools)

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I am going to list out all the software tools that can be useful for our community members.

I don't buy apps --- so, I only use FREE tools....

- Tools to download photos and videos from Facebook, Instagram and other sites.
- Bulk download of a lot of photos

and so on.

I will list the tools I use and ask you guys to tell the useful tools you use for yourself.

Instagram helper

I use Instaport app in my phone to download photos from Instagram. It lets me download photos and videos from Instagram.

Facebook helper

Facebook lets you to download the photos but, you can't download videos.
In mobile phone, you can install a tool to download Facebook videos.

I am using "Mediatap" to download videos:

Is there any better tool ?? Please suggest.

GIMP Adobe Photoshop ko alternative. Free

Any apps to save snapchat videos


--- Quote from: Thu108a8u on March 08, 2016, 02:27:12 AM ---Any apps to save snapchat videos

--- End quote ---

Mobizen. Its a screen recorder.


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