Author Topic: Nepali Street Food and Popular Food Videos - नेपाली खानाको भिडियोहरु  (Read 28990 times)

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पनौती को आलु चप ...

ति पकाउने आमैसंग एउटा छोटो interview पनि लिएको भए
भिडीयो अझै चाखलाग्दो हुने थियो


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hi tundikhel
we will try to do the interview next time for sure.. :)

Thanks a lot!

Check this Fat Panda Pizza. This one is from Boudha. The pizza was just so delicious and so much flavor.., please try this at least when you are in Boudha. It is opposite to White Gumba. Try it, you will love it.


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try Nepali Recipes App in android