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Postage Stamps of Nepal


Stamps of 1881

The first Nepalese postage stamps were issued in April 1881
It was a set of three
- one anna,
- two annas, and
- four annas

Inscribed as the Kingdom of Gorkha in Nepali script. These were initially perforated and printed on European-made paper. Within a few months they were released imperforate. In 1886 they were reprinted on hand-made Nepalese paper. Numerous printings of these first three values on the local paper were made for postal use until 1907, when new European-manufactured stamps picturing the god Pashupati were issued.

The remainders of first three values were brought out of storage and reissued for telegraph use in 1917.
Several more telegraph era printings followed. The last of these printings was in 1929.


and 1899



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