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Part 1:

A story :

Overview of events Nepali Royal family Massacre:-

It was story but not international investigation report. Nepali royal never ever requested or done international investigation on this case.

According to the Nepali official report, Dipendra had been drinking heavily and had “misbehaved” with a guest, which resulted in his father, King Birendra, telling his son to leave the party. The drunken Dipendra was taken to his room by his brother Prince Nirajan and cousin Prince Paras.

One hour later, Dipendra returned to the party armed with an MP5K and an M16 and fired a single shot into the ceiling before turning the gun on his father, King Birendra. Seconds later, Dipendra shot one of his aunts. He then shot his uncle Dhirendra in the chest at point-blank range when he tried to stop Dipendra. During the carnage, Prince Paras suffered slight injuries and managed to save at least three royals, including two children, by pulling a sofa over them.

During the attack, Dipendra darted in and out of the room firing shots each time. His mother, Queen Aiswarya, who came into the room when the first shots were fired, left quickly, looking for help.

Dipendra’s mother Aishwarya and his brother Nirajan confronted him in the garden of the palace, where they were both shot dead. Dipendra then proceeded to a small bridge over a stream running through the palace, where he shot himself.
Another killing event:-

Nepalese Pop Musician Praveen Gurung killed by Ex-Prince Paras Shah:-
Nepalese pop musician Praveen Gurung, who was killed by ex-crown Prince Paras Shah in a hit and run accident August 6, 2000, poses for a portrait in an undated photo. An ‘innocent person’ took responsibility for the accident and the Prince was not prosecuted, retaining his title despite widespread public opposition from lawmakers and human rights activists.
The public mourned the murder of the royal family June 7, 2001, after as if story, Crown Prince Dipendra opened fire on his family and then shot himself in Katmandu, Nepal. This story or blame to Dipendra could have been false, or cover-up or made-up story.
King Birendra was planning to take action against Paras for killing Praveen Gurung and it could have been the Paras was a key role culprit of Royal massacre of 2001.

Conspiracy theories:-
Some people in Nepal suspected that Gyanendra was responsible for the royal palace massacre on June 1, 2001, and blamed Dipendra so that he could assume the throne himself. Gyanendra, not as popular in the country as his brother Birendra, had been third in line to the throne before the massacre. He was out of town (in Pokhara) during the massacre and was the closest surviving relative of the king. Gyanendra’s wife and son were in the room at the royal palace during the massacre. While Paras escaped with slight injuries, his wife was slight injured during the incident.

Feeding the rumor is the allegation that Dipendra was mortally wounded by a gunshot to the left side of the head, while Dipendra was right-handed. Some believe that this casts doubt on whether the injury was self-inflicted.

How can be possible a drunken Dipendra shoot all of them? It was perfect the shoots at point blank range in most of the royal’s heads.
If Dipendra shot one member in room, other could have been escape and survive. But it seems killers locked them all in one room and shoot them all at point blank range.
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