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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #10 on: July 29, 2008, 08:48:04 PM »
त्यही प्रेमको बहानामा मैले जो जिउने निर्णय लिए
ब्यर्थ मेरो जीवनको ओरालिमा उक्लिने चाहना मेरो
बरु तिमीसँग यो मोहनऐ नभैदिएको भए
हामी दुबै बिचको मित्रता कती मिठो हुन्थ्यो होला

मन भरिका चाहना जलाई, मरी जाने रहर त होइन
आज तिम्रो र मेरो ईतिहास जलाई , खरानी हुँदै छु

खरानी हुँदै छु


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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #11 on: July 29, 2008, 08:50:13 PM »
सधैं भरि दुखी रहने घाउँ भो
तिम्रो र मेरो पीरती मेरो पीरती
कहिले नमेटी ने तृस्णा भो तिम्रो र मेरो पीरती मेरो पीरती
हरपल मुटु खाइ रहेने बेथा भो
तिम्रो र मेरो पीरती मेरो पीरती

नदि को दुइ किनार भो
तिम्रो र मेरो पीरती मेरो पीरती

कहि कसैले नलेखने कथ भो
तिम्रो र मेरो पीरती मेरो पीरती

सावन् को झरिमा पनि नबुझ्ने प्यास भो
तिम्रो र मेरो पीरती मेरो पीरती

खडेरि लागेको उजाड भूमि भो
तिम्रो र मेरो पीरती मेरो पीरती

नदि को दुइ किनार भो
तिम्रो र मेरो पीरती मेरो पीरती


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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #12 on: August 09, 2008, 12:08:14 AM »

बनेको छ पहराले यो छाती मेरो
बगेको छ छहरा रगतमा मेरो
पखेरुमा जन्मी टाकुरामा खेल्ने
म झुक्दै नझुक्ने नेपालको छोरो

खोसेको रोटीले मेरो पेट भरिन्न
मागेको धोतिले मेरो लाज छोपिन्न
घोटिएर हातपाउ झरी जाउ नौला
तर कोही अगाडि यी हात जोडीन्न

बनेको छ पहराले यो छाती मेरो
बगेको छ छहरा रगतमा मेरो
पखेरुमा जन्मी टाकुरामा खेल्ने
म झुक्दै नझुक्ने नेपालको छोरो

म आगो सहन्छु अन्याय सहन्न
म त्रिश्ना सहन्छु तिरस्कर सहन्न
मेरो सिर उडाउ बरु त्यो सहन्छु
तर कोही परायाले टेके सहन्न


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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #13 on: August 09, 2008, 12:59:18 AM »
soo nice one


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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #14 on: December 28, 2008, 02:12:10 AM »

Who are you? What are you?

- Bikram Subba, Kathmandu

Seeing you the first time
It seemed I had found
my lost sun and moon
But you said -
These are my eyes!

My dream had been lost
And even while watching
It seemed I was meeting it in you
But you said -
This is my body! My vastness!!My music had been lost
Suddenly one day
It seemed I found it in your heart beat
But truthfully, you said -
This is my heart speaking!In the same way
My happiness had been lost;
It seemed I found it too
entangled in your lips
Again, you said -
This is my smile!Now what can I say?
What can I think?
Are you the heap of
my priceless possession?
Or are you the small cottage
in my small country?

Tell me
Who are you?
What are you?


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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #15 on: December 28, 2008, 02:12:35 AM »

In the lightless gloom of murky dusk

- Chanky Shrestha

The evening
city's lights were blown off
wide roads of Kathmandu shrank
And trees, once proud, tall and erect
crumbled to the ground
trampling the criteria of conservation
concrete buildings cropped up
and historic tower of Dharahara
wore a crest-fallen look

In the dark of that dusk
rivers Bagmati and Bishnumati stopped and froze
and over shrines and stupas
hovered curls of hashish smoke
In haste, deities fled to Muglan in exile
wings of the white bird fluttered in the blue sky
as the plump priests chated mantras
to bless the barrel of the smouldering gun

In the lightless gloom of murky dusk
peace rallyists broke from their procession
and picked up blazing khukuris
and bood-drenched long knives
to race amuck in the sullen square of Ratnapark

The evening city's
lights were blown off, they murdered
supremacy of ultimate truth
carrying their smarting snouts
soaked in blood, the wolves stalked
corridors of Singh Durbar
where legislators were debating
lusty figures of Miss Nepal Malvica Subba
The click of clock stood still
and Swayambhunath closed its lotus eyes
From the tall pine trees
welcoming the interval in this national drama
bats fluttered their filthy wings

In the lightless gloom of a murky dusk
I too strangled soul of my soul

(Translated from Nepali by Yuyutsu RD Sharma)


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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #16 on: December 28, 2008, 02:13:31 AM »
G. P. Ghimire
Life & Bliss

Peace in Life

Where do I get peace in life?
I am trying-out for this since a long time.
Whenever I find my conscience blessed
by the Supernal Conscience
to know about the hidden facts
I find myself enjoying the peace perennial.

I perceive having blissful sense
of the vast and tranquil divinity.
I forget then the woes and pains of life
as if the whole course of ups and downs
of the creation are just like the dreams.

The truth is the essential drive of the sense
representing Supernal Conscience
rapture I feel within my mind
into the instinct of divinity.

Peace perennial, so, pours down
in the special presence of the supernal glory
into the sensible core within the self.
Peace is perceived within
whenever reliance for respite
is bestowed by the Supernal Sense.

How long do I get such a peace in life?
Seldom I get opportunity to have
a discourse with the men of God,
and an association with the real devotees
that transcends me to the blissful state in real.

Far from the maze of the world,
far from the clutches of the delusion
forgotten the presence of physical pains and pangs
forgotten the material course of life in this earth
for sometime, I enjoy the blissful side of the God.

My conscience returns again
to the normal, natural and material life
to continue every-day course
involves into mazes, pains and pangs
as if all these surrounding compulsions
are the impelling forces to go ahead in this earth.

Pleasures of the world are in the sense real
like the scratching of itching sensational,
sometime, good food, shelter and material wealth,
sometime, married life, children and social pride
make me feeling pleasure for a short-term time.

But sometime, all these pleasure means
go themselves to the polar opposite
and start causing me pain.
Good food changes to poison,
props become cause of enmity,
wife and children come to attack me.

O God ! what is the life indeed?
Even after the continues quest I made
about the mystery of it since I came to sense
I am really tired but further mysterious it is.



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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #17 on: December 28, 2008, 02:14:09 AM »

Neither I could know about this system perfect
which is applied by the creator in it
nor I could know about the ups and downs of the life
that I am forced to continue in this world as I am.

Seldom I perceive in my mind
where appears the conscientious sense
to be the real cause of all activities
into the innumerable dimensions of the mysteries.

Into the conscientious sense of the activities
which are evolving without any halt of pace in it
presence of the Supernal Glory of the God
can be perceived working as the sense here.

Such a presence is the only source
that is making the pace of the world
into the innumerable dimensions of creative works.

Realizing such a fact of the creativity
feels my mind that is taking reliance
within the peaceful and pleasant sense.

Presence of the Supernal Spirit in mind
all the way makes me amusing.
I forget all the woes of life and presume
myself is nothing else but slender current
Supernal Soul bestowed into this life.

Sometime I feel that the Supernal Soul
shines within me brighter than usual
dominating the courses of life natural
far of pains and pangs persisting otherwise
bestowed inexplicable bliss to experience
of his own supremacy in the universe.

I think my life is useless otherwise here.
How could transient things be the true aim for?
Is it that the props can be real?
Is it that the pleasure ephemeral real?

What for I am?
proprietor's?, who is giving job?,
or as a means of the parents
who have given me birth?

What for I am?
Is it for the children they have to take birth?
Or is it for the animals, food they will make?
Or is it to be buried on the earth?
Or is it for the fire that will burn?

No, no, no its not all but so.
They are using me only for short
bound by the time frame but not for all.
Aim ultimate of my life should be highest up.

Making its use to find the purpose real
it should be a meaningful presence here

that makes me realized I am inalienable
at last with the Spirit Supernal.

Realization such is the blissful side of God
aiming so makes me success in real.
perceiving so is the side of prospective cause
fact of hind and fact of yonder real.

I look forward sometime towards the world
behold there the empty boast of wealthier.
behold there the physical stupidity of wrestlers.
behold there the poverty of the poor but
like the dreadful pestilence hanging over.

Compassion, tender-heart
and fraternity are missing but.
Everywhere selfish interest running for

enjoying pleasures of life with the success short
deceptions and cruelties are agitation ever.



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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #18 on: December 28, 2008, 02:14:45 AM »
... Contd

Everyone everywhere grasping ignorance
giving regards to the darker side as success fast
running hind and yon frightening everywhere
finding wrapped by such darkness in real
pleasures and pains are as if eternal.

No thought there is about what I am in real
no thought there is about the death insurmountable
which is for sure every one has to bear here
although beholding everyday dyeing others
ever since I came to understand my presence here.

Galloping here and there for want of shelter,
food, water and wealth one after more other
mirages of being wealthier and happier
to set for self in the social competition above all
for want of pride and prestige is the main aim here.

Sometime satiety I feel
sometime extreme dissatisfaction
engulf my mind by the anxiety and grief
because of the loss of wealth
or because the pleasure of union dissected by tragedy.

Perplexed I remain into such unthought incidents
unable to control my mind
as if I feel those incidents
are perpetual and everlasting in my life.

Although, I find the feeling of eternity also change
one after another the truth of yesterdays
change to something else today and for tomorrow next
with the changing course of time proving meaningless.

O ! I was thinking my life remains usual
but find today it has gone to the side other.
My youthful zeal has gone to old age tedious
I don't know how long it will sustain but.

I don't know I may find or not the truth of it
or go to death for an uncertainty never found it.

I don't know whether I can get Super Conscience
or never get it as I have now in this human life.

I don't know how long it will have to bear
the maze of delusion, the labyrinthine circle
dangled in the uncertain past
and uncertain further is the course future.

O God ! I realize you make me
I do not know it is for what really?
Purpose ultimate of it is not clear
Is it to complete the course of birth?

Am I truly a toy you made to play?
To accept delusive love and affection?
To embrace changing enmity again with them?
To feel hatred for nothing but by mental penetration?

Am I truly a toy to ascend as proper
to what I am represented to feel inside so?
But it is not so to feel by others
although, sometime I do quite opposite to these all.

What a true existence has I in this world
without having your penetration through mind?
without having your remotely controlling wave
that makes my mind to run into anything?

Am I therefore, not a true puppet?
Or is there anything that I can claim as my own
as my individual identity in front of the delusion
where I can ignore your impulse but to do else?

If so I have, if I ever perceive it and realize
I will do then something else to what now it exists
I will make the whole creation a painless place
a place feeling every living creature
a happiest place without any woe of life.

A place I will make fighting free,
fully conscious of delusion free,

where diseases, pains, greed,
and jalousies will vanish.

A place I will make where people will live till they like
and go to death when they like
having themselves complete knowledge of next life
a course of their best choice.

Otherwise, O God ! why art thou compelled for?
making this world so painful to all?
Can't you make a happy world?
Unbelievable it is because you have made it all.

You are the one and all
the pain and the pleasure for
if you like to make it good
no long it takes to change all.
Why don’t you make it then
happy and a pleasant world?

You don't have its direct reply
but why don't you do it right.
Reasons perhaps I cannot know
that you do not allow me to do so.

O God ! O proprietor of all !
What so ever the visible creation is here
calling I am to ask the creator.

Do I have this life got on my own will?
Do I have made this pace of the courses of mine?

Do I have any existence alienated from you?
Do I have came to enjoy the course of the world?
Do we have separate identities in between,
yourself as a player and myself as a toy?

I cannot clearly presume about this.
I don't remember the past of mine
neither do I know even the present course about
nor do I know anything about the future.

Had I got any knowledge of the world in the past
I am sure I wouldn't have come to this place
a place of uncertainty and commotion.
I wouldn't have come
where I didn't know about.

I am therefor, sure it is not so
that I came here known all about
nor I came here with the yearning of enjoying it
but I came here compelled by the creator.



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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #19 on: December 28, 2008, 02:15:17 AM »
.... Contd

I would have never made a way to the earth
had I been given a choice of either or not
had I been given to know about the pains after pains,
and pangs after pangs persisting in this world
once a life of any kind embraced here.

Impossible to say that I made a choice
I am indeed so forced to embrace hereby.
I can neither stay here, as I like
nor I can go out but compelled to hike
and stay doing so until liberated alike.

I am not of free will here therefore,
but my activities controlled to go for
every moment of my existence
through a system remotely established
which the ruler cosmic has pervaded.

It is for sure I came here in life
because, the cosmic ruler wanted accomplished
the jobs of his vast creative activity
with an assignment composed within me.

It is therefore I am forced embracing
all these pain, troubles, anxieties and tragedies.
Given in return, pleasure short and moment's laughing
the ego of empty boast all with
embraced travesties so compelling.

Objectives your's I don't know
but have been given to feel for sure
that I am an individual with an ego
being a man as an identity in this earth.

Truly temporary is my identity here
conducted beginning and the end of
yourself as a cosmic ruler
through the sense of connectivity
present in my mind duly deluding.

Prisoner I have been made by the circumstance
to move here and there for want of mirages
perplexed I am unknown the results ultimate.

Some experiences I have about the system
in operation giving pace to this creation.
O God ! whoever thou art I pray
for the liberation I want from this world.

Granting liberation I know you don't want
like a farmer to his oxen from the plough.
Confined into yoke starts biting
to the oxen which don't like to plough.

Return of pulling plough little fodder is given
which makes the life of the oxen sustainable.
Refusing to plough by the ox tries the farmer first
taking his return there by the lure or love.

Even after harassment the ox sometime doesn't obey,
luring of several kinds doesn't make return to work-place
but lays down refusing to pull the yoke.

The farmer then, sets free to the ox to go,
stopping fodder and driven away from the shelter.

Sense of respite they don't find
only go for the surrender hence
under protection of the Supreme Being.

As if like a baby holds
garbs of his mother for respite
even if she smite him
for a small wrong he has done
cries the baby mercy for
until she don't turn to kind heart.

So is the case of devotees
who can't find others to take refuge.
compelled to take reliance under you
crying for mercy till granted
kindest grace for liberty sought.

Like a selfish farmer thou art O God!
setting free to devotees who refuse the world
the veil of delusion and the maze of nature.
Helpless, they take refuge beneath you.

Tormented by the tides of nature and its course
return some of them into the creative course
incomplete their mission of reunion

lured by the greed of wealth and pleasure shorts
family affection and pain physical.

But a few still endure and surrender
who don't like the material maze to suffer
unveiling the illusion, bestowed divine grace
they want to set free from the bodily bondage.

Even after that they can't be sure
how they will be dealt with the soul
a sympathetic affection or a blow of throw
but still there remains a hope
unlike worldly man that the God is the God
pleas are heard in his domain there

Permitted to return to the original self
source of all in the universe in the blissful state
enjoys the blessed one a nature of divine-self
after a long march of ascetic life
bearing hardships and feeling of pains.

Those ascetics by their kindest hearts
feel pains in the earth of the others
beholding their ignorance and veil of nature
embracing pains as their pleasure.

Bestowed salvation devotees set free
what can do here otherwise a helpless being
but once bestowed grace they can feel enlightened.
Making habit of hollering beloved name of the deity
find nothing else with them as an addict of divinity
except the God omnipresent all the way beholding.

Successful one finds blessed for devotion
with the conscience of divine sense within
a last and ultimate attainment of living being
resolving the sense of God in the human life.

For such ascetic saints of highest thought
observing life of benediction to all
there is nothing to lure to them in this world
by the grandeur and glories of the earth.

They remain enjoying inexplicable bliss
presence of the divine source in their life
in every aspect, every where and all the times
giving animation and activities by the perennial sense.

Majesties of societies and material grandeur
are meant for the people who are the toys
played in the delusive nature by the divine will.

Material success and social status they attain
fulfilling their aim as the ultimate in the earth.
Enjoying social respect as the family head
controlling material command they feel pride.

Long and unending journey they are bound to
till the total extermination of creation in the earth.
material pleasures they enjoy here
roaming into the lives of various forms.

Flowing into the floods of creative world
course setup by the cause, action and effect
what for is the theosophical thought
useful to them an ascetic path?

Enrolled into the cycle of virtue and vice
pleasures ephemeral of the nature enjoying
omnipresence of the God cannot be felt
engulfed into the clutch of egoistic temperament.