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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #20 on: December 28, 2008, 02:15:43 AM »

Selfish attainment only they believe
as a whole an ultimate goal of their life
making course of treasure of deeds
cause, action and effect the forceful wheel.

Sometime they find themselves reach
making happy to their family each.
Sometime they find poorest self
misfortune lead missing into mess.

Sometime they find animal life,
lives of creatures hated by all
unknown to the changing course
brought by every physical death.

Roaming into universal race
compulsion of creative course
divine system duly imposed
always un-challengable divine roll.

Such is the system here O my dear!
where the vice and virtue are two rollers.
Vice is caused in every step
virtue but is the course difficult.

Several lives are killed to sustain life
making them food for the lives of others,
victuals of others for survival
collecting vice to remit in future.

Unknown virtue happens very rear
knowing vice happening every where.
Cycle of it unavoidable to all
passing through the course universal.

No one can really set free from the vice
transgresses it for the future course as deed.
Unknown sins are committed even while asleep
breathing walking and looking also creates some sins.

Where there are actions there are virtue and vice
giving chain to the continuation to the natural rites.
Compulsion is for living life here
difference and discriminations are there
whether to live lavishly or gross
or to select a way with the side of it better.

A life with gross activities in the earth
makes sure of continuing deeds to accumulate for
cycling sometime up or sometime down
in the pace of the creative race.

Peace in life cannot really be
with such ups and down of deeds.
But a life chosen better side of it
remains different in living style.

An ascetic life gives rise to kindest side
feeling oneself and others inalienable divine.
Perceiving omnipresence thus a difficult thing
which gives clear vision in mind of eternal truth.

There is nothing else creating natural activity
but the God Infinite everywhere in multiplicity.
O My mind ! so what is there anything else to think
either good or bad course selected indeed?.

Creation or destruction all within divine will
pains or pleasure are indifferent at the end.
Perceived such a clarity of concept in mind

highly conscientious behavior making sense
makes a man perfect in every aspect till living.

Finding pains and pleasures transient things
gives an enlightenment in life enjoying.
Making divine bliss into the peaceful sense
highest physical order always remains.

Sentiment of divine consciousness always persisting
makes a man enjoying eternal peace in life.
There is no otherwise any way to live
far from the bondage of virtue and vice
a life of enlightenment enjoying divine presence.

Incomparable it is otherwise with the worldly things
with any kind of wealth, pleasure, post and greed
any kind of entertainment , addiction or music
but the highest order of life is always with peace
truly invented the divinity to be with.



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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #21 on: December 30, 2008, 09:55:59 AM »
पुष माघको ठन्डीमा

जोर थान सिरक डस्ना
बिजुलिको मक्कल
पेटीवाल चुरोटको खरो सर्को
अंगेनाभरीको भुङग्रो
के न्यानो हुनु खै
चोरेको घाम
मनै न्यानो नहुन्जेल
पुष माघको ठन्डीमा !!


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Re: copy paste poem
« Reply #22 on: December 30, 2008, 11:08:17 PM »
wow daami chha bro ko collections haru thanks for posting