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Released on Feb 26, 2015


Sudarshan Thapa, Puza Sharma, Surakshya Pant, Pushpa Khadka, Bishal Dhungana, Pramila Khanal, Bipana Dhimal, Bijay Lama, Mithila Sharma, Ramsaran Pathak

Director: Alok Nembang

Late Alok Nembang’s Sano Sansar and Kohi Mero were both exceptionally good and this time it’s no surprise.

Ajhai Pani is about dramatic romance between Yunisha and Kushal. Sudarshan Thapa is featured as Kushal, Pooja Sharma as Yunisha and Surakshya Pant as Shila. Mithila Sharma and Ramsharan Pathak are the grandparents of Kushal and Bijay Lama as Yunisha’s Mama.

- good story
- excellent presentation
- good screenplay
- good cinematography.
- Background score was equally bright.
- A good balance between humor and emotions
- Good performance of Pooja Sharma,
- Sudarshan Thapa gave his  best and doesn't looked like it was his debut role.
- Mithila Sharma did a terrific role as grandma.
- Surakshya Pant is also good in her role

- When Yunisha’s mama and his friends fight with Kushal, it looks very fake
- An average sized guy winning huge and muscled men is not convincing

After the death of his parents, Kushal grew up with his grandparents. Kushal is cute, handsome, with ‘kukhure jyan’ or lean body and every girls of his village were after him and they would do anything to marry him. But as his grandfather taught him, Kushal regarded every girls in the village as his sisters. Yunisha is a girl from different village. She is a nephew of Rana Bahadur and works in a ‘Sahakari Sanstha’ of same village. As Kushal sees Yunisha, he falls in love with her. Kushal and Yunisha’s love affair was getting deep while Kushal’s grandparents invited Shaili from another village to meet Kushal and fix their marriage. Shaili stays at Kushal’s home and becomes a close friend of Kushal. Two girls in the village are crazy of Kushal and tries to break the relation of Kushal and Yunisha. For that they create misunderstanding between Kushal and Yunisha which lead to conflict between them. Yunisha ignores him and reject his marriage proposal whereas Shaili is waiting to marry Kushal as she also falls in love with him.


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प्रशंसा पाएको ‘अझै पनि’लाई झरीको असर

शुक्रबारबाट प्रदर्शनमा आएको चलचित्र ‘अझै पनि’लाई हेर्ने अधिकांश दर्शकले राम्रो भनेका छन् । नेपाली मौलिकता बोकेको चलचित्र भनेर प्रशंसा पाएपनि ‘अझै पनि’लाई आइतबारदेखि निरन्तर परिरहेको झरीले असर गरेको छ ।

आइतबार र सोमबार निरन्तर झरी पर्दा दर्शक हलसम्म पुग्न अप्ठ्यारो परेको देखिन्छ । चलचित्र हेर्ने चलचित्रकर्मीदेखि दर्शकले आलोक नेम्वाङले एउटा मिठो कोशेली छाडेर गएको प्रतिक्रिया दिएका छन् ।

चलचित्रको व्यापार सोचेजस्तो हुन नसकेपनि माउथ पब्लिसिटी शक्ति बन्ने अपेक्षा गरिएको थियो । तर, दर्शक हलसम्म पुग्न नै वाधा भएपछि प्रशंसाले पनि काम खासै गर्न नसकेको देखिन्छ । एउटा उत्कृष्ट नेपाली मौलिक चलचित्र बनेको भन्दै यसको प्रशंसा भैरहेको छ ।

सुदर्शन थापा, पूजा शर्मा, सुरक्षा पन्तले मुख्य भूमिकामा काम गरेको यो चलचित्रलाई पूनम गौतम र सुदर्शन थापाले मिलेर बनाएका हुन् ।

(२०७१ फागुन १८ गते  प्रकाशित)


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Ajhai Pani Nepali movie review
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I still havent watched the movie. My brother said it was not scary at all but others were saying that it was really terrifying.