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Nepali Movies till date
« on: August 20, 2008, 11:58:13 AM »
Please help in creating a Nepali Movies photo profile

here is the list of movies produced till date.... please post photos, posters etc. so we can make a nice profile.

No. of Films Produced Till Date


1. Paral Ko Aago
2. Silu


1. Kanchi
2. Sagarmatha


1. Chino
2. Tapasya


1. Yug Dekhi Yug Samma


1. Dakshina
2. Mahadevi
3. Sauta


1. Sannani
2. Dusman


1. Cheli Beti
2. Janma Bhoomi
3. Prem Pinda
4. Ragat


1. Jaya Baba Pashupati Nath
2. Raanko


1. Shankar


1. Sagun


1. Aadi Kabi Bhanubhakta
2. Afanta
3. Chameli
4. Himalaya l'enfance d'un chef
5. Nata Ragat Ko
6. Thuldai
7. Sano Sansar


1. Aago
2. Apsara
3. Basanti
4. Dhukdhuki
5. Mukundo


1. Aafno Manchhe
2. Aashirbad
3. Afno Ghar Afno Manche
4. Army
5. Badal Paree
6. Baimani
7. Ber Pipal
8. Bihani
9. Buhari
10. Daag
11. Daiva Sanjog
12. Dulahi
13. Gaajal
14. Gaunthali
15. Haudey
16. Jeevan Saathi
17. Kaidi
18. Ke Bho Lau Na Ni
19. Manai Ta Ho
20. Maya Baiguni
21. Maya Ko Saino
22. Natedar
23. Nepal Pyaro Chha
24. Numafung
25. Pirati Aafai Hudon Rahechha
26. Siudo Ko Sindoor
27. SuperStar
28. Timrai Lagi
29. Yo Kasto Saino
30. Yo Maya Ko Sagar


1. Ajambhari Maya
2. Anjuli
3. Baacha Bandhan
4. BabuSaheb
5. Bakshis
6. Bhagya Le Jurayo
7. Bhai Tika
8. Darpan Chaya
9. Dhansamphati
10. Hateri
11. Khandan
12. Maan
13. Malai Maaf Garidau
14. Malati
15. Mama Bhanja
16. Mamaghar
17. Manmandir
18. Maya Namara
19. Melong
20. Mero Hajur
21. Mitini
22. Mohani Lagla Hai
23. Muskan
24. Pheri Temro Yaad Aayo
25. Pijanda
26. Pooja
27. Rickshaw Puller, The
28. Sahid Gate
29. Santan Ko Maya
30. Sanyas
31. Shadhyantra
32. Yastai Rahecha Jindagi
33. Yeh Mero Hahur


1. Je Bho Ramrai Bho
2. Jetho Kancha
3. Muna Madan
4. ShukhaDukha
5. Upahar


1. Haami Teen Bhai
2. Muglaan
3. Parenni Maya Jalaima


1. Basain


1. Matina la ana he du
2. Krodh
3. Alpaviram
4. Dancing Kathmandu
5. Duniya
6. Karma
7. Krodh
8. Maanis


1. Ram Balram
2. Yuddha


1. Kagbeni
2. Sano Sansar

History of CINEMA in Nepal

The History of Cinema in Nepal dates back to 2008 (Bikram Era) when the first ever made Nepali Feature Film titled "Satya Harishchandra" was produced from Kolkata, India.

"Aama" (mother) was of course the first Nepali Film produced in Nepal in 2021 B.E. It was produced by the Information Department of Government of Nepal. Shiva Shankar Manandhar (renowned radio singer and music composer) and Bhuvan Thapa (Theatre Artist) made their debut as the lead players in the movie. The film had Hira Singh Khatri as its director and V. Balsara was the music composer.

The end of 2023 B.E. saw another Nepali Film "Maitighar"(Maternal home) produced for the first time under the private banner - Sumonanjali Films Pvt. Ltd. This was a first full pledged feature film in Nepal; Famous Indian Film Artist Mala Singh played a pivotal role in the film. C.P Lohani was her co- star who became latter her life partner in real life. B.S.Thapa directed the film. The veteran music maestro Jaidev scored music for the film, Lata Mangeshkar, Nightingale of India, sang for the first time a Nepali song, which was penned by none other than the late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (M.B.B.S). Other veteran Indian Singer who did lend their voices in the film were Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar and Manna Dey. Nepali singers like Prem Dhoj Pradhan, Narayan Gopal, C.P. Lohani and Aruna Lama also sang for the film. The film had friendly appearances of veteran Sunil Dutta and comedian Rajendra Nath.

The Information Department of Government of Nepal continued film making for sometime and they were, "Hijo Aaj Bholi" in 2024 B.E. and Parivartan in 2028 B.E. Government of Nepal established the Royal Nepal FIlm Corporation in 2028 B.E. "Man Ko Bandh" was the first film produced by the Corporation Prakesh Thapa was the director of the film Nati Kaji and Shiva Shanker were the music directors. Amber Gurung scored background music. Salyan K.C and Sushma Shahi were the lead players. The film was premiered in 2030 B.E. in kathmandu. "Man Ko Bandh was followed by "Kumari" in 2034, "Sindoor" in 2037 and "Jeevan Rekha" in series. The success of these films opened up avenue for the private parties to enter into filmmaking as industrial endeavor. (from -

Filmmaking started in Nepal around 1962. The state made three propaganda films between 1964 and 1971 and later formed Royal Nepal Film Corporation (RNFC) in 1974. RNFC made some films, developed some infrastructures and manpower. Even though some of the films made by RNFC became hits, it could not do much to develop the sector.

One film Maitighar was made as early as around 1966. But no other followed it. It took about 16 years for the private sector to come up with another film -- Juni. Unfortunately this proved a failure. Filmmaking was still a risky business and the government regulated it quite strictly.

In the 1970s, the government introduced a tax rebate policy. According to it, 50 percent (which was later increased to 65 percent) of entertainment tax would be rebated to the producers. This proved to be a major booster. Investment in film became a little more secure. Also, after 1980s, some relatively more creative films were made and they became successful too. Thus, filmmaking started to appear a little more viable profession and the number of productions increased a bit.

In 1990, the country witnessed an important political change. The people's movement brought the autocratic monarchy to its knees and democracy was restored. The society started to become open and vibrant. This had an important consequence for the fledgling film industry: it began to grow rapidly, or even to 'bloat', if one might call it so. There was an unprecedented growth in number of productions. Within a period of three years, some 140 films were made. Distribution started to develop. Market share in the existing market increased and the market itself expanded. Cinema halls increased to more than 300. Nepali filmmakers became optimistic of displacing Hindi films--which dominated and continue to dominate Nepali market.

But, towards the end of 1990s, Nepali films began to fare badly. Gradually, the film industry began to experience a very hard time, though productions did not cease altogether.

The major reasons for this were that the quantity of films outdid the capacity of the market and also most of the films lacked quality. Also, quite importantly, the violent war, started by the Maoists rebels in 1998, began to crumple the economy and deteriorate the security situation. Most of the cinema halls outside the urban centers had to be closed. The situation worsened after the king took over in 2005.

During the 90s, some filmmakers, mostly with non-fiction base, started championing for a new kind of cinema. They denounced the crude imitation of Bollywood esthetics and demanded indigenous esthetics and a more realistic approach. They made some films, which have received some critical acclaim at home and some international recognition.

The people's movement - 2 in April 2006, ousted the autocratic monarch for the second and, in all probability, for the last time. Democracy has been restored and the rebels have agreed to join the government and resolve the conflict peacefully.

This new political development has stirred Nepali film industry. There is a new hope and optimism. Also lately, there has been a common realization in the industry that the quality of the films needs to be bettered and that Nepali Cinema requires international exposure.
(source -
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Re: Nepali Movies till date
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Bhisma Pratigya

GHAAYAL (action version)

Rekha Thapa’s KISMAT


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Re: Nepali Movies till date
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Source -


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Re: Nepali Movies till date
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from the same site


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Re: Nepali Movies till date
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Re: Nepali Movies till date
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Re: Nepali Movies till date
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The future of Nepali Movies is changing. Ever since Kagbeni, produced by Bhusan Dahal, was released, few Nepali movies are produced considering the highest level of international film industry standards. And In Search of Yeti is just another brick in the wall.

In Search of Yeti, an adventurous Nepali movie, moves around the ancient ethnic and indigenous groups in the Himalayas of Nepal, natural disasters in the region and the thrilling struggle with the Yeti. De fact, the persistance lies in wicked ambition of mankind to gain victory over the nature, the movie's official website depicts.

The movie is fully adventurous fiction, studded with Nepali culture and thrilling action stunts. In Search of Yeti has been shot in the area of Langtang (perhaps Yeti existed here), rural areas around it; Lete, Ghasa and Tukuche of Mustang; Tiplyang of Myagdi, Siddha Cave of Bandipur in Tanahu; Dhampus, Sikles, Annapurna Range and Pokhara; Kathmandu and Dhulikhel of Kavre.

People behind and around the works:

Production: Visual Production Center Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Direction: Santosh Dhakal

Animation(including the animated character of Yeti): Ahyut Gajurel

Actors: Laxman Basnet, Dibyaswar Gautam, Pamela Alisa, Sunita Gandharba, Swami Krishna, Pema Sherpa and others

This adventure Nepali Movie is being released in Nepal and Internationally(Seoul, Korea on 2nd August 2008) and is supposed to load people with knowledge of Yeti, Nepal and it's culture in the high Himalayas. For promos, videos and wallpapers of the Yeti, visit links below.

Official website of the movie:


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Re: Nepali Movies till date
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more posters here -


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Re: Nepali Movies till date
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great collection bro Thank you for sharing


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Re: Nepali Movies till date
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