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Bhanu Bhakta Acharya - Poems
« on: August 08, 2009, 05:58:09 AM »
 Bhanu Bhakta Acharya

Poet Bhanubhakta (1814 - 1866), who is the most widely read poet by the Nepalese is also known as the aadikavi or the 'first poet' literally, was born in a village in Tanahun district of Western Nepal. He is known for his epic poetry Ramayana. He composed this poem at a park at the gateway to the Kathmandu City. The melody and free play of imagination used in this short poem at a time when classical devotional poetry was in order, is remarkable. 


I saw Balaju today
And sat down to write-
This place is paradise on earth

Birds flutter around
And sing melodies from the vines
How greatly they capture the mind

If only I could compose a poem
What greater luxury could I imagine!

And if I could make a lady
Lovely and great
Dance in this place
I could drag indra near
And creat a paradise here!

From Ramayana

The procession reached Janakpur in no time
The crowd was so big it emptied the ayodhya town
Verily the soldiers were all to Janakpur bound

Janak received Dasharatha with great fanfare
Ram with Laxman touched the father's feet dear
Janaka ordered the best rest house to be ready-made
Happily, Dasharath into the cottage went to rest

Janaka ordered auspicious moments that the city revered
With dancing and singing at night lightss and torches burned
Taapestries of jewel hung over the alter of wedding
Stones, pearls and diamonds in every house of Janakpur shined

Sita-ji's mother was full of joy to get all four brothers
Married to their daughters with all rituals and manners
Janaka gave his daughters to Rama and Laxman
And his brother's daughters to Bharat-ji and brave Shatrughan

Translated by : Abhi Subedi


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Re: Bhanu Bhakta Acharya - Poems
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Motiram Bhatta

He was the one who introduced Bhanu Bhakta Acharya

A graduate Sanskrit scholar
Came to Kathmandu
To make some money here

To speak Sanskrit
With a great scholar in town
He set out one morning

He chanced to meet somebody
Whom he asked in Sanskrit kutra twaya gamyate*
The unwary goldsmith
Gave a heavy reply in Newari-
jila khi paye wane**
And walked in haste.

If you are moon
I'm the moon bird
If you are rain
I'm the peacock

If you're lamp
I'm the butterfly
You should know it well dear

You are the flower
I'm the beetle
I'm the bee
You are the nectar

We are like flesh and nail
What more need I explain.

Translated by : Abhi Subedi

* 'Where are you going?'
** 'I am going to the toilet.'