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Sexy Nepali models Collection ( 3.9 Million pageviews)

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Thanks everybody who have added their contribution to this post.
Go to the last page to see the latest addition in this huge list of Nepali models.

Please post your collection too.......

तलाका फोटो हरूमा क्लिक गर्यो भने ती मोडलको प्रोफाइल र फोटो भएको छुट्टै थ्रेडमा पुगिन्छ ... यहाँ का मोडल हेर्न अन्तिम पेजमा जानुहोला

Priyanka Karki
Hot model and actress -- A lot of photos and information about the hot actress is available here

Rekha Thapa
Most popular actress in Nepali film industry.

Tirsana Budhathoki
 मलाई आफ्नो शरीर सँग चल्न साह्रै मन पर्छ -- भन्ने मोडल ...

Sushma Karki
Item dancer and hot body




She sure is not nepali... anyway......



--- Quote from: nepali on December 26, 2006, 12:21:58 PM ---Well, who is her ???
Does anybody know her?


--- End quote ---
i think the first one is either thai or cambodian girl not nepali
second i forgot her name but she is a model from cyber nepal :D

nepali bro le thik bhane after some times we dont need foreigner's ahba nepali kt haur pani rag hudai gacha,,,,,,,, ;)


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